Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little from the heart.....

This is a picture of Maryann running the 1/2 marathon, which I made her run with me. Yesterday we ran the stop sign yet again. My mom was SICK, and she still came (she groaned most of the way) but wouldn't stop. Greg came, and took my stroller for me, so I started to run to catch up with Maryann and Michelle. Michelle turned around to stay with my mom, and make her turn around, and I ran after Maryann. It's a pretty steep climb the last mile and a half, and I just did my hardest to try to stay right behind her. I don't listen to music, I have never had an ipod, my husband bought me a mp3 player, but I rarely use it. I love to just let my thoughts keep me going. As I was running, I kept thinking, "just keep up". I am so grateful that I have a family that pushes me so much. I think it is very important to surround ourselves with people in our lives that push us to do better. But it is also a humbling experience, because I was really struggling to keep up, I was bugged that I was so weak.........this sounded so much better in my mind. Maryann gave me a GREAT workout, and it felt great, I am so glad I didn't let my pride get in my way, because she pushed me more than I would've pushed myself.

Anyway, I love my family. Each one of them is so special to me. I love that they all push me to be better. I am so proud to be associated with such GREAT and amazing people. I love living next to my sisters, I wish Lar could be here, but four hours is not bad. I just have to brag about Maryann for a second, I love her so much, and have always felt that she was really special, not just because she was our poppy-do, but that Heavenly Father had a special job for her. She is such an inspiration and help for so many many that are in need for her sweet smile and sincere encouragement. She has been through so much, but has really really
been such an example to me. She is real, she is strong, she is loving, and she is determined. I love her, and am grateful to be among her.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have still not watched all of conference, I had a very busy weekend, and was not able to watch much, but each day I watch a talk, and I loved the talk by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. He talked about Hope. "Hope is Not knowledge, but the abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill his promise to us. It is confidence that if we live according to god's laws and the words of his prophets now, we will receive desired blessings in the future. It is believing and expecting that our prayers will be answered. It is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance." I love this quote. I have struggled, because it is hard for me to gain the knowledge I want of the gospel. But I know now as I have seen time fly by each day, that this is something I hope for. I know without a doubt in my mind that the Lord knows and loves me. I know that, "The Savior is TRULY the author of our salvation." and I know from the core of my soul that, "The ending of the book of our life will exceed our grandest expectations". This "hope will sustain us through despair." "Hope has the power to fill our lives with happiness. It's absence can make our heart sick. Hope is a GIFT of the spirit." I have hope that "through the power of the atonement and Jesus Christ, and through the power of Resurrection, we shall be raised into life eternal, and this because of our faith in our savior." "Hope is like a protective helmet." How do we obtain HOPe? "The same way we learn to walk.....ONE step at a time!" I know that these Latter Days are full of confusion, anger, and pride. I pray each day for the faith to Hope to overcome despair and be able to endure to the end. "Despair drains from us all that is vibrant and joyful. Despair kills ambition, advances sickness, eludes the soul, and deadens the heart." "It is a commandment to overcome the TEMPTATION to lose hope." I love that, we are commanded to have hope, I love that because I believe many of us believe we don't deserve to hope for things. It takes a lot of faith in something that is so beyond our comprehension, I believe in Hope with all my heart, I know that this life is nothing close to the beautiful life that awaits us. These things I testify of, and believe with all my heart, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peace In your Heart

All too often a family's spending is governed by their Yearning than by their earning. -Elder Wirthlin
I came across this website.
I think that this time of consumer buying is so difficult! We(at least I am) are constantly, daily struggling with the need for more. I found this quote interesting because I read a post in my friend Andrea's blog when she talked about her spirit yearning for her son's spirit who is now in heaven, it put a lot into perspective. We live in a time now where we do yearn for more, and yet that yearn brings more pain, so how do we subside that pain. For many of us(me) we ignore it. I believe that we live in a time now that mastering budgeting, living within our means, and yearning for other things beside material is crucial. There is a reason we are here, we are to learn these things for our growth. There is a reason that my cute dad constantly tried to stress budget, budget, budget. My dad knew that this lesson is VERY important not only for our stay here on earth, but for the eternities. Behold, mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion. [D&C 132:8] This pertains also to the order of our finances. I know this to be true, we have lived it, and are living it, and we STILL struggle to try to master it. So what if we let the yearning of our spirits outweigh the yearning of our bodies here on earth? By doing that we must be able to feed our spirits daily, ponder daily, read our scriptures daily, and say our prayers daily. I hope that I can learn to better myself, and be able to receive that peace in my heart.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday thoughts

Isn't it amazing that 600 years before Christ was born, Lehi and Nephi were told about and wrote about Christ's birth, his death, and his Resurrection. This all is in Nephi chapter 10 and 11.

I really enjoyed this talk from Ezra Taft Benson

Tonight after a very nice discussion with my husband, I imagined the Great reunion of Joseph Smith and Nephi in Heaven. We discussed the time after Moroni until Joseph Smith. There were about 1600 years, we both wondered what and why the Lord waited so long to restore the church. John commented that we don't know that he didn't try. Joseph Smith endured a lot of persecution and heartache, and pain. Not many could endure that and press forward. That of course is our discussion, nothing has been told about the Lord trying to restore the church earlier than Joseph Smith.

"And it came to pass that I beheld that the rod of iron, which my father had seen, was the word of God, which led to the fountain of living waters, or to the tree of life; which waters are a representation of the love of God; and I also beheld that the tree of life was a representation of the love of God." 1 nephi chapter 10:25.
What was that fruit? It was the pure love of Jesus Christ. The impact of that symbolic fruit remains as fresh and delicious for us today as it did to that tiny band of uprooted Israelites.
"It is seldom we find a character in the history of the ancient world that was as faithful and righteous as that of Nephi. He delighted in the things of the Lord, but sorrowed in the weakness of his own flesh. He wrote, in beautiful prose, what is now known as "The Psalm of Nephi." "

Nephi desired to know the things that his father had seen in a dream, and he believed the Lord was able to make them known to him, also. Nephi saw the heavens open, and an angel came down and stood before him and asked, "Nephi, what did you see?" "A virgin, most beautiful and fair above all other virgins," was Nephi's reply to the angel. The angel also taught him that she was 'exceedingly fair and white,' introducing her as the earthly mother of the Son of God. Nephi then beheld that she was 'carried away in the Spirit' for a space of time, and then returned, 'bearing a child in her arms.'

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Does God exist?

Today was Stake Conference for us, as always it is not so easy to go. I had everything my kids needed to be occupied for two hours, and we were ready to go a half hour before so we could get good seats(I guess we needed to be ready an hour ahead). For two hours we listened, but with four kids how much can you really hear? I did leave with two comments that touched me, that I would love to share:
1st: A story a that was told about a Barber and his customer. As the customer was getting his beard and hair trimmed the Barber mentioned that he did not believe in God. How could a god exist in this world with so much evil and misery he said. The customer then saw a gentlemen pass the barber shop with a very long matted beard, and long, dirty hair. The customer then said that he did not believe that Barber's existed. The barber confused answered,"I am a barber I am proof barbers exist." The man said, "How can barbers exist when there are so many with dirty, long, matted hair?" The barber then replied, "That is not my fault if they do not come to me."
I loved that story, because I know so many people question whether there is a god or not when there is so much evil around us. God does exist, and Jesus is our christ and savior, and if we come unto him we will find happiness.

2nd: I have no idea what the talk was about, I was so occupied with my children, but as I tried to listen, I heard him talking about a mother, and everything she was doing. She knew her children's love languages!!! That hit me, because about 6 months ago I purchased a book about the five Love languages by Gary Chapman. It was a wonderful book about expressing your heartfelt commitment to your mate, but it also included a small chapter about the love languages of your children. I came home to read more, and then got on the computer and found this
about the book on children. I really believe that these love languages are important, in the book, it talks about all five, " Words of affirmation", "Quality time", "Receiving Gifts", "Acts of Service", and "Physical touch". I think that this book would be a great investment. I asked my 6 year old for fun to see what he'd say, I said, " What would you like the most, for me to say, " you are so smart", for me to come play baseball with you, for me to buy you a gift, for me to clean your room for you, or for me to give you a hug?" Of course he said, "buy me a gift!" Then he thought about it, and then said, "Well, first love, and then buy me a gift!" I know that he was a gift to me, and oh how I cherish that gift, I really want to be able to take each of my children, and fill their love tanks to the top, with the correct love!

Our FHE lesson tomorrow
game board

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The power of the priesthood

This morning I got up to run a 20 mile run, and I was sick! If I didn't beg Sara to sign up 4 days ago, and if I didn't pay $38 for a spot, I probably would've realized I was too sick to run. I said a little prayer, and asked for extra strength to make it through. Like my husband, I'm sure the Lord thought I was a little crazy, but I really wanted to do this. I asked John for a priesthood blessing, and I was on my way. I ran a great race, I felt great! I thinked I talked Sara's ear off, but I absolutely loved it. At mile 18, I felt a blister coming on, but we picked up the speed, and I was able to still run. We ended the race with a decent time of 3:06, and then it hit me, I could barely walk on my foot with my blister, and I came home and my body shut down. I couldn't get off my bed. I am so grateful that the Lord gave me a small tender mercy to do something I really wanted to do.

Today I read third nephi, and these are the verses that stood out to me----verse 6
- Therefore go, my son, and thou shalt be favored of the Lord, because thou hast not murmured. --I feel very strongly about this. We have to remember our attitude when we are in the service of our God. If our attitude is positive when we are serving others, THEN we will be blessed.

13 - And behold, it came to pass that Laban was angry, and thrust him out from his presence; and he would not that he should have the records. Wherefore, he said unto him: Behold thou art a robber, and I will slay thee. -- How often do we get frustrated when we think we are doing what the Lord has asked of us, and if it doesn't go our way, we say, "Well I tried" but did we try again?

26 - And it came to pass that we did flee before the servants of Laban, and we were obliged to leave behind our property, and it fell into the hands of Laban.----Do we quit doing the lord's work when we lose our job, have financial crisis, or lose all that we have?

31 - And after the angel had departed, Laman and Lemuel again began to murmur, saying: How is it possible that the Lord will deliver Laban into our hands? Behold, he is a mighty man, and he can command fifty, yea, even he can slay fifty; then why not us?---very interesting that right after the angel departed, laman and Lemuel began to murmur still!!